I have worked now already for some time with MagicLinker and use this brilliant tool every day. What created John here, is an absolutely indispensable tool for every Marketer. Since the new version of the software and therewith a complete renewal and the provision of enormously supporting functions MagicLinker belongs according to my opinion to the basic equipment of each online entrepreneur. Thank you John!
Beste Grüße Volker

MagicLinker convinced me from the beginning on. The many features which this software offers are absolutely impressively. An indispensable instrument for everyone, who is active on the Internet. Only the fact, that possibly defective links are submitted automatically by email, is worth its money. And that is only one of many fantastic possibilities, that offers MagicLinker to me.
Liebe Grüße Lucia

Magic Linker belongs to one of the few standandard type programmes which 1. I bought and 2. I use daily. It brings work relief, effectiveness, safety, control, branding, traffik and much more...
Absolutely recommendable!
Jochen Strehler

MagicLinker is simply brilliant. What John created, is the best, what I saw until now in the sector of cloaking programs. It results in an enormous work relief, more traffik and save links that can not be bypassed. In addition possibly incorrect links are announced by email so you can interfere immediately. Very especially I would like to emphasize the good and fast support of John. MagicLinker is a tool that really every Internet Marketer should use.
Willi Müller Internet-Marketing

I am convinced that one should buy only a few programmes, because there are a lot of free tools? For me Magic Linker is an absolute "Must have"
I rarely use another program as intensive as Magic Linker.

You really must test this programme to discover all the advantages and the use.
For me one of the best software which I use daily and on which I would never like to do without again!

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Professional Link Marketing

Link Marketing

The most imortant for your Marketing!

Websites, E-Mails, Social Media, E-Books, Webinars ...
Until now it was not possible to observe effectively the success und safety of your Links.
This has finished. Absolute success- and security control with Magic Linker.

Of course with your own Domain!

Social Media (cloak Informations)

Link Marketing

You decide, what Social Media displays!

The informations of the target URL from submittet Links will be shown by Facebook, Google etc.

Not from your Links! You define image, titel and text that will be shown for a Link.

REAL CLOAK (Affiliates attention)

Link Marketing

After clicking on a Link all information is visible? Not on your Links!

After a Link is clicked by a user the page title and the target url are visible in top of the browser.
Now not any more: You decide, what is written there.

Show your advertising text in the browser.
For every Link you like to.

Secure Links

Link Marketing

Links, that don't work are worth nothing.

This happened already to you? You start a big promotion and somewhen you get maybe an E-Mail.
Your Link doesn't wo.

Get immediately an E-Mail Message, if a Link is not accessible any more.
(Then you easily can change the target URL.)


Link Marketing

Not very popular, but important for your success. REPORTS.

View in a very easy way who, how often and at what daytime your Links were accessed.
Send Links and E-Mails at best time.

Which Domains were visiting your Links?

Win new Affiliates by click.

Earn money with Magic Linker.

Link Marketing

With our affiliate program you can establish permanent earnings!

Even you can attract new affiliates and in this way build ...
your own Downline!